5 Ideas For Experience Gifts this Holiday

And save some big bucks while you're at it!

By Macaroni KID November 20, 2023

Dreading another season of presents that load up the living room with toys they lose interest in before the ball drops in Times Square? Crush the clutter and go for experience presents this holiday. Instead of more stuff, give 'em memories and quality time. Yep, these are the gifts that literally just keep giving.

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1. Awesome Amusement Parks
The most exciting gift they'll open this year? Tickets to Six Flags, obviously. No need to find a place in the closet for this gift. Just clear the calendar and head out to get your adrenaline fix. For a limited time save up to 60% on ticket prices at Six Flags locations across the country. 

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2. Astounding Arcades
What kid wouldn't love a trip to Main Event for arcade games, food, and a day of fun? Wrap up an arcade card they can use after the holidays, and the smiles will last long after the tree is gone. Plus, right now save 25% on Main Event arcade cards.

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3. Stupendous Sports
Are you ready to score big with the fam this season? Hockey enthusiasts and basketball aficionados will jump for joy when they open tickets to an upcoming NBA or NHL game. You'll be crowned family MVP, and your wallet will thank you, too when you save big on NHL tickets and NBA tickets.

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4. Amazing Acrobatics
Give the gift of acrobatic magic with tickets to see Cirque du Soleil. Awe-inspiring stunts and beautiful dance combine to make for a fantastic show. And for a very limited time, save up to 30% on Cirque du Soleil tickets at over 25 locations across the country. 

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5. Wonderful Waterparks
And finally, when you really want to be extra this holiday season, get a gift for the entire family — a trip to Great Wolf Lodge. Make a day of it at the indoor water park that'll be filled with memories and laughs to last for years to come (unlike this year's 'it' toy). What's even better than the perfect day? Right now, save 15% off day passes to Great Wolf Lodge. Surf's up!

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