5 Reasons Why Families Should See 'PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie'

Our favorite hero pups are coming back to the big screen! Only in theatres Sept. 29!

By Kara Murphy, Macaroni KID September 18, 2023

All paws on deck! It's time for our favorite hero pups to return to the big screen in PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie. It's bounding into theatres September 29. After getting a sneak peek, I can tell you it's a cinematic adventure your kids won't want to miss on the big screen!  

The storyline of this second PAW Patrol movie involves a magical meteor crash that lands in Adventure City, giving the PAW Patrol pups new powers and transforming them into The MIGHTY PUPS! They face off against villains including a meteor-obsessed mad scientist who want the power for themselves.

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It was an adventure that had the PAW Patrol-loving kid in our house on the edge of his seat throughout.

Here are five reasons my kids and I think you shouldn't miss this movie premiere:

1. Empowering messages

No job is too big, no pup is too small! In this movie, Skye, the smallest member of the team, learns even the smallest pup can make the biggest difference. Talk about a great lesson — especially for kids who are often told they are too small or too young to take part in the more exciting parts of life.

Skye isn't the only one to benefit from the magical boost of energy from a crash-landed meteor. At the movie's heart lies a powerful and empowering message: The greatest power comes from within. Through the Mighty Pups' journey, children will learn the importance of believing in themselves, promoting self-confidence and resilience as they face their own challenges.

That's a message any mom can get behind.

2. It unleashes the imagination

PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie certainly captivated the young minds of the youngsters I watched it with! The movie introduces a cutting-edge aircraft carrier HQ and vehicles, all supercharged by the meteor's energy. There were cheers and groans and lots of seat bouncing happening as the Mighty Pups' adventure progressed. As Ryder would say, "Take to the sky!" and let your imagination soar.

A few of our publishers shared pictures of their biggest PAW Patrol fans, all excited about the Sept. 29 movie premiere of PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie!

3. The awww-dorable Junior Patrollers

Pup-pare yourself for a cuteness explosion. The movie creators have outdone themselves by introducing the adorable Junior Patrollers, a pack of spirited Pomeranians ready to join the adventure. These adorable pups bring humor and heart to the story ... and made my kids giggle. You'll find yourself smiling at these fluffy cuties too.

4. Was that ... Serena Williams?!?

I love it when my favorite celebs voice movies, and PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie certainly didn't disappoint! Pay attention and you'll recognize the voices of the legendary Serena Williams, along with the incredible Kristen Bell, the hilarious Chris Rock, the charismatic James Marsden and the uproarious Lil Rel Howery. An all-star lineup for sure.

5. You can pat yourself on the back

You'll earn that good parent badge for this one! PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie is an action-packed and hilarious movie suitable for preschoolers, grade-schoolers, and parents. With its humor, vibrant visuals, and touching themes of inclusion and teamwork, the film is a must-see for the whole family. And the kids will definitely give you a big thank you for treating them to an adventure that brings their favorite pups to life on the big screen.

So set your reminders, circle the date, mark your calendars, and get tickets for September 29 for the premiere of PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie ... and prepare to embark on a paw-sitively super adventure with the Mighty Pups!