Visit the "Fun Zone" in Grand Haven

By City of Grand Haven June 16, 2021

To address the empty space left by the buildings that were torn down in 2019 due to mold at Chinook Pier, City staff approached the Parks and Recreation Board and the City Council to allow a temporary “fun zone,” or the placement of play elements to give people one more thing to do as they walked along the boardwalk at Chinook Pier.

Huntington National Bank, Peerless Flats and the Tribune Lofts all stepped up to fully fund the purchase of outdoor concrete play elements.

Ping- pong tables, foosball and corn hole decks will be open and free to the public. “The dead zone of 2020 will now be the Chinook Pier Fun Zone of 2021,” said McGinnis. “Families now have one more free thing to do to make their Grand Haven experience one to remember.”

The public is welcome to play between 10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m., and ping-pong paddles, balls and bean bags will be either left out for use or will be kept at the nearby mini golf shack. After the area is redeveloped, the concrete tables will be located in the general area and will continue to be a source for outdoor family fun for decades to come.