Why You Will Fall In Love with Fellinlove Farm

By Cheryl Kaletka, Founder/Executive Director & Sarah Boucher, Macaroni Kid Publisher June 2, 2021

How did a small family farm turn into a 501(c)3 non-profit organization serving individuals, families, and schools both near and far?

Founder Cheryl Kaletka and her family "Fell In Love" with our three rare Fell ponies and many other animal family members! She realized they had a unique opportunity to provide educational opportunities for people of all ages, socioeconomic levels, backgrounds and abilities with a focus on children and adults with diverse needs. 

As a former education professor and a parent of young adults with unique needs, along with providing care for her parents in their golden years, Cheryl carefully designed and developed this farm to socially, physically, recreationally, mentally, emotionally, aesthetically benefit her family and guests who may live with similar concerns.

“We change the way people think about animals. Families see another side of their child they may not have seen before. We provide experiences like no other farm. Young Fellinlove Farmers who come here learn how to be responsible for animal care and how to care for others with different needs.”  -- Bella Faith, 14, Board of Directors, Junior Representative

Many people benefit from Fellinlove Farm! Each field trip/tour considers the array of interests and needs of our guests. We use professional knowledge and personal background to provide individualized connection experiences to gentle animals of many different species.  We use a “hands on device” virtual tour before field trip to reduce anxiety/fear in some of our guests. We consider: our guests’ preferred learning style, specific concerns, their learning stages with animals, and more to help create a successful, memorable, and unique approach to a nature education experience. We provide unique services for people of ALL ages and abilities. This video highlights a sample of the services we provide to thousands of people each year. 

In addition to the educational and therapeutic services Fellinlove Farm has to offer, they also feature community events throughout the year including holiday themed farm trail walks and meet-and-greets with the animals, special lunches with the animals, themed photo shoots, community appreciation days, yoga with goats, and much more! Be sure to follow the Fellinlove Farm Facebook page to stay connected to the happenings on the farm as well as opportunities to get involved through volunteering and fundraising. Children and adults of ALL ages and abilities assist with events and/or chores/animal care on the farm.