10 Fun Facts About Other Countries + A Free Printable Activity Sheet

By Sarah Boucher, Macaroni Kid Publisher Mom + Host Mom of Exchange Students May 12, 2021

Since 2014, my family has been hosting high school exchange students. We have learned so much about different countries and cultures, and our children have learned the value of seeing things the world from another perspective and how to get along with others who have different traditions, views, languages, and lifestyles. 

Our family visiting Arturo and his family in Madrid, Spain

Here are ten fun facts we have learned from our exchange students: 

  1. Many South African students picnic on the lawn at school for lunch. Keep your food close though, as otherwise a monkey might steal it!
  2. Dinner in Spain is served late in the evening, typically 9-10pm. 
  3. Germans typically celebrate Christmas on December 24th instead of December 25th. 
  4. Haribo gummy bears made in the USA look different in color than Haribo gummy bears made in Germany. 
  5. If you order a "tortilla" in Spain, you won't get a flour shell for your taco, you'll get a dish made with eggs, potatoes, and onions.
  6. The school year in South Africa goes from January-December instead of September-June. 
  7. German schools go year round. They typically have six weeks off in the summer, an extended break over the Christmas holiday season, an extended break over the Easter holiday, and two weeks off in October for Oktoberfest.
  8. South Africa has 11 official languages.
  9. There is no speed limit on the Autobahn highway in Germany. If you want to drive slow, you better stay in the right lane!
  10. If you like taking naps, visit Spain. Every day in the mid-afternoon, everything closes down and Spaniards take this time to rest and relax.

To get started learning about the world and having some fun at home, enjoy this FREE printable activity sheet!

What could you learn about another country or culture? Find out by hosting an exchange student! Families choose the student they would like to host as well as how long they'd like to commit to hosting. And, you'll be part of a host family community to make new friends and enjoy various activities throughout the year. Want more information? Contact me or check out International Experience.