How Do You Define A "Mom"?

By Sarah Boucher May 6, 2021

Mother's Day is bittersweet for me. It's a day to celebrate moms, and I have the greatest mom. When I was a kid, I sure gave her a run for her money. I was never a troublemaker, but I sure was stubborn and opinionated and convinced I was always right. As a mom myself now I see that strong-willed girls are a blessing, if we can manage to survive them!

Two of my children are adopted and two are biological. Mother's Day is a reminder that my oldest two children have two moms. And while many stay adopted children are blessed to have their adoptive parents, there is an element of sorrow knowing they lost their first mother through circumstances they couldn't control. 

Then there are the international children in our family. The eight high school exchange students we have hosted through the years. The children other parents let us borrow for a blip of their lives to love and nurture and watch grow as they learn about the world through a different lens. The strangers that arrive in August that leave as family in June. 

And we can't forget my youngest two children who are growing up way too fast. Who validate that the days are long but the years are short.

There is no one size fits all family. Or one right or wrong definition of motherhood. There's no perfect parent or any parent who has it all figured out. It's ok to be a hot mess sometimes. 

So to all the biological moms, adoptive moms, foster moms, grandmoms, bonus-moms, step-moms, and all the other strong women who nurture and love, Happy Mother's Day.