MSU Offering FREE Virtual Science Festival in April

By Roxanne Truhn, Coordinator, MSU Science Festival April 15, 2021

They say seeing is believing. What about the things that you can’t see with the naked eye? Atoms, germs, calories, intergalactic dust. The Virtual MSU Science Festival from April 1-30 wants to help you explore, learn, and ask questions about those unseen mysteries of the universe. 

There’s something for everyone, whether you are a junior scientist or a lifelong learner. The line-up will include over 200 presentations on topics of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM), with talks, demonstrations, tours, open houses, hands-on activities, and special presentations by renowned scientists. 

Due to the COVID19 pandemic most events will be online with a few explore on your own experiences across the state of Michigan.  

Events are FREE, and have been from the beginning! We keep it that way so that people across Michigan and beyond can have access to the wonders of scientific discoveries and newest technologies.  

So, what can you see at the MSU Science Festival? There will be talks with global experts, demonstrations, experiment along activities, tours, and citizen science activities. With hundreds of activities on the schedule during 30 days in April, there is something for just about everyone of all ages.  “By coming to the festival, you can see what the future of computing will look like with machine learning and artificial intelligence, or you can learn about how to grow a bird-friendly yard to feed the birds in your area and so much more.  No Festival would be complete without our experiment along activities where you can create galaxy slime and edible ice cream aquifers or view a large chemistry demonstration.  

New this year, the Festival is encouraging people to get outside and explore their surroundings by promoting a Citizen Science project. They are hosting an April 2021 Bioblitz to record the natural world around us through the MSU Science Festival page on the iNaturalist app.  What is a Bioblitz?  It is an event that focuses on observing and identifying as many species of living things as possible throughout the month of April.   Snap a photo upload it to the iNauralist App.  This helps scientists see changes in  the biodiversity around us 

The world is an interesting place, full of wonders that we can see and even more wondrous things that we can’t see. Come learn and discover at the 9th annual MSU Science Festival and Visualize the Invisible.

Want more information? Go to the MSU Science Festival website. Plan your visits with the online schedule of events. There is something for everyone, and it’s all free.

We hope the extraordinary influences and inspirations of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics will spark your curiosity and inspire your imagination. We look forward to seeing you.

Additional information can be found online at, or Facebook.