Spring Lake Business Makes Music Everyday!

Music lessons and programs for people of all ages.

By Val Letenyei, Founder of MusicEveryday! February 17, 2021

About MusicEveryday!

MusicEveryday! is a studio in Spring Lake, Michigan where 10 teachers are offering a variety of music lessons for people of all ages.  Since opening in 2015, enrollment has grown to over 180 students!  The teachers are all passionate about providing the best musical training for their students.  They teach creatively and use an individual approach that keeps everyone engaged and excited about learning!

Private and Group Lessons

In addition to private lessons in piano, voice, violin, guitar, ukulele, mandolin, banjo, saxophone, clarinet, flute, drums, trumpet and trombone, MusicEveryday! offers group classes that include: 

  • Kindermusik
  • Homeschool Band 
  • Homeschool Choir
  • Friendly Fiddlers
  • Young Singers Club
  • Step Up & Sing
  • Seniors Sing

About the Instructors

All of our instructors have expertise and professional training in the instrument(s) they teach.  A minimum of 2 years teaching experience and a degree or specialized training is required.  Most of the teachers are actively performing in West Michigan and our jazz instructor is currently performing in Lansing and Chicago on a regular basis.

Music for Everyone

At MusicEveryday!, we want to provide the opportunity to learn about music to everyone regardless of age or ability.  We enjoy working with students who have special needs and learning challenges and design their lessons to fit the way they learn.  For young beginners, we use age-appropriate materials, games, movement, rhythm instruments and more to keep them engaged for either 15 minute or 30 minute lessons.

Royal Conservatory of Music

We currently have 8 students actively preparing for exams through this program.  Those who have already completed their first level(s) have scored in the First Class Honors or First Class Honors with Distinction categories.  This is a 10 level, nationwide program that follows a national standard of musical training.  Students must memorize a program of music from different musical eras and master their scales, chords, arpeggios, sight-reading and ear-training.  A challenging course of study that brings a great sense of accomplishment and the possibility for higher musical education and/or a professional career in music.  For more details about this program, please visit

MusicEveryday! Scholarship Fund

Our scholarship fund provides financial assistance to those who have a strong desire to learn about music but need help with paying for their lessons.  Our pricing is set to reflect the expertise and professional training that our teachers have acquired but we understand that for single-income families or those with medical challenges, the cost of lessons may be an obstacle so we hold fundraisers and have students who donate to this fund through our “Get a Lesson, Give A Lesson” program.  Local businesses have made contributions through our annual “Crescendo Auction”.  Other ways to donate:

  • Countryside Greenhouse Giftcard Sales (February/March)
  • Pop Can Drive – just stop by and drop of your returnables and let us save you the time and hassle!
  • Musical Face Masks - $6 per mask, two styles or white background/pattern is musical symbols.  Stop by or email the studio to purchase yours today! 

For more information about MusicEveryday!, please visit our website or email us.  

You can also call (616) 843-5998.