How Color Street Changed My Life

By Nichole Helms, Color Street Stylist & Sarah Boucher, Publisher & Editor February 24, 2021

2020, the year of Covid and face coverings, and also the year I was let go from my full time job. After many years knowing exactly what I was going to do for work each day, it was different having a choice as to where to spend my time. With a little more free time, I engaged in some self care doing my nails with Color Street - and I fell in love with it! I LOVE wearing it, I show it off already, I just lost my job so it became clear it was the time to start sharing Color Street with everyone I know, and it quickly evolved into becoming a Color Street stylist. 

One of the MANY things I love about Color Street is how easy it is to apply! My 9 year old daughter does her nails with me and needs little help doing them. We are able to give ourselves beautiful matching manicures (or pedicures) for about $13 total. That's a bargain price, and for me, a great way to spend quality time with my daughter. She feels grown up, I feel good about the product we are using, and we both feel great about the result! 

Believe it or not, Color Street is real nail polish! The dry nail polish strips are easily applied to your nails with zero mess. There's a variety of colors and styles to choose from. You can even mix and match or add accents. With so many options and an affordable price, you can be creative, show off your style, and change it up as often as you'd like. 

Through Color Street, I have had the opportunity to meet new people, have gained confidence, and am successfully running my own business. Not to mention trying out all the new colors and designs and having fun with my daughter. That's pretty life changing!

Ready to get started? Let's connect.  Check out my Color Street website and Facebook VIP Page. I can't wait to help you out with your Color Street shopping needs. Want to try before you buy? No problem, I'm happy to send you a sample!