Paper and Ink vs. Digital: For our Kids' Growing Brains

By Carrie Bowen Kendro, Founder of Pixie Doodles Magazine February 17, 2021

We are often asked if we are going to offer Pixie Doodles magazine in digital form, but there is growing evidence that kids learn more and retain more if they physically hold the book or magazine that they are reading.  They have better recall because they have better “spatial memory” for the location of a passage or picture through turning pages, rather than clicking through the screens.  Digital material has more distractions--multiple buttons and flashing colors-- compared to printed material, and studies say this makes it harder to absorb what is on the page.  It is also more taxing on the brains of children, which often leads to less retention, fatigue and poor behavior.

Pixie Doodles Magazine strives to increase a child’s natural curiosity, brain power and creativity.   The magazine is full of puzzles and crafts, which gives kids a sense of accomplishment, and helps them see differences and similarities. Hidden Picture puzzles challenge kids to observe closely and note details as they hunt for objects positioned in different directions.  This skill is important when kids are learning to read and need to see subtle differences in letters, such as d and b. Dot-to-Dot activities teach them sequencing and remembering, which is critical for future success in school and later in the work world.  We also believe that all kids should learn cursive handwriting, which is included in every issue of Pixie Doodles Magazine! Learning cursive leads to better spelling, language, reading, fine motor skills and creativity.  Cursive also increases self-respect by mastering the skill of writing clearly and fluidly, which also improves communication. It’s a win, win, win!

Dozens of local children are featured in every magazine.  Children send in their artwork, stories, puzzles, and anything else they can think of, and we publish it!  Seeing their masterpiece in a real magazine gives each child a boost of confidence and a feeling of pride. And who doesn’t like to get a package in the mail? It leads to getting cozy on the couch and having fun while staying engaged--and the bonus of boosting brain power without even realizing it! While digital text may be more convenient and flashy, paper and ink will always be the easiest way to give our kids the best possible start for their creative and critical thinking little brains!

Pixie Doodles Magazine is available for purchase online or locally at The Bookman in Grand Haven.