5 Reasons Scentsy Makes Sense

By Sarah Boucher, Publisher and Editor January 13, 2021

Family. Friendship. Fragrance. Just three of the reasons Holly Diedrich, Scentsy Independent Consultant, loves her job. While you might think you know about Scentsy, there's so much more to it than just wax and warmers!! Did you know Scentsy has diffusers, body products, products just for kids, and even a pet line? 

In case that's not enough to pique your curiosity, check out these 5 reasons Scentsy makes sense:

1. Value

Wax melts, the most well-known Scentsy product, start at just $6. You can select from a variety of fragrances, and they are made from a non-toxic high quality paraffin wax. 

2. Worry Free

There is no flame with Scentsy. The wax melts are placed in a warmer, and the scent is diffused throughout your home or office. The warmers get heated enough to melt the wax, but not hot enough to cause burns. You can even touch the wax and not get burned (though it is recommended the melted wax is kept out of reach of children and pets). Scentsy fragrances are created with SAFE natural and synthetic ingredients to offer the widest range of scent experiences.

3. Something For Everyone

Not into wax melts? No problem! Scentsy offers car products, body products, home products, products for kids, products for pets, oils and diffusers, fan diffusers, pods for on the go, and an unpluggable line. Wow!

4. Variety is the Spice of Life

Scentsy has over 90 fragrances, and even features a fragrance of the month special. The scents are categorized into bakery, woods, fruity, spice, fresh, citrus, and floral. What sounds good to you? Perhaps apple cherry strudel? Or aloe water and cucumber? Perhaps around the campfire? Whatever you like, whatever mood you're in, or whoever you're giving to, you can find the perfect scent. Can't decide? With products starting at just $3, you can afford to try more than one. Still can't commit? Ask Holly about samples!

5. Relationships

The Scentsy team is like a family, and the consultants feel valued. They are given support and freedom to build their business in their communities, and focus on connecting with their customers to help them find just the right product. Holly enjoys being a Scentsy consultant because she can meet new people and earn income, while still putting her family first.

In addition to being a Scentsy consultant, Holly also works full time as a CNA. Her coworkers love the Scentsy body products! In the healthcare field, hands get dry and lotion helps prevent cracked hands. Holly's personal favorite is the Prickly Pear and Agave lotion! After a long day at work she enjoys coming and using the Scentsy soak to wind down after a long and rewarding day of helping others.

Want to know more? Check out Holly's website or connect with her on Facebook. She's passionate about Scentsy, and is happy to chat with you to help you find just the right product and scent. Want to connect with Holly directly? Drop her an email and she'll be happy to chat!