5 Reasons You Can('t) Exercise

Start 2021 strong with TransForm Fitness

By Sarah Boucher, Publisher Macaroni Kid Grand Haven, Spring Lake, and Muskegon December 23, 2020

The year is coming to an end, and it's time to finish the year strong and prepare to kick of 2021 feeling strong and capable. Taking care of ourselves is something that often falls to the bottom of the priority list for so many reasons (after all, if it were easy to focus on our own wellness, this article wouldn't need to be written!) 

“Nurturing yourself is not selfish—it’s essential to your survival and your well–being.”

— Renee Peterson Trudeau

So let's be real. There are a lot of reasons we "can't" exercise and focus on our wellness, right? Wrong! While it's easy to list off the reasons we "can't" exercise, there are simple solutions to turn "can't" into "CAN!" Whatever you're struggling with to get on track, stay on track, or even find the right track, TransForm Fitness can help. 

1. I don't have enough time.

Let's face it, most of us have hectic schedules. Yet, we can somehow find time to scroll social media or watch our favorite show. Did you know that even just a few minutes of exercise each day can make a big difference in overall health? TransForm has a variety of options for exercise from a quick 5-minute challenge to a 60-minute class. No matter how much (or how little) time you have, there's a workout to fit your schedule.

2. I don't have exercise equipment.

That's ok! You don't have to purchase anything special to be able to exercise. There are a variety of exercises that can be done without any equipment at all. And, basic household items such as towels and paper plates can double as exercise equipment if you want to try something new! If you want to purchase basic exercise equipment, hand weights, resistance bands, and sliders are affordable and can be found at many local stores or online. 

3. I have no idea what to do or where to start.

All of us are at a different point in our fitness journeys. Perhaps we've never exercised before, or perhaps we run every day. Most of us fall somewhere in between. The fitness professionals at TransForm can help you find the right program for you based on your interests, current comfort level with exercise, and your goals. There is even the option of meal planning services to ensure your body has the proper fuel to keep you going each day.

4. It's a struggle to stay motivated.

When you're surrounded by a group who encourages you and holds you accountable, it's much easier to stay on track - and a lot of fun too! From daily or weekly accountability emails, to live virtual classes, to engaging Facebook groups, you're not on this journey alone. You'll have a team of people just like you as well as the TransForm team to keep you motivated, answer questions, celebrate your successes, and encourage you through tough times.

5. I'm worried that I will get hurt or be too sore if I workout. 

Knowing how to do exercises properly is important to reduce the risk of injury. Having a trainer to teach you every step of the way will help keep you safe and help you get the best results. Rest and recovery days are built into full programs, and every workout has options for varying levels of intensity as well, so you can respect your body and increase or decrease intensity whenever you need to. 

Are you ready to get started? Contact TransForm today! The team at TransForm will help you figure out the best option to fit your goals, schedule, preferences, and budget. They help take the excuses out of the equation and turn excuse into empowered.