FREE Personalized Letter from the Easter Bunny

By Sarah Boucher, Publisher Macaroni Kid Grand Haven, Spring Lake, and Muskegon April 2, 2021

It's almost Easter, and the Easter Bunny is making preparations for the big day.  Share the magic and fun of the Easter Bunny with your child with a FREE personalized letter!  Fill out the form below and the Easter Bunny will send you a PDF letter that you can print! How will your child receive their letter?  Maybe it will appear in the mailbox, perhaps it will be in their Easter basket, or maybe it will be hidden in a special egg!  However it arrives, your child is sure to delight in this special message just for them! 

I can't wait for your child to read their letter and you to share in making special memories with them that you can reminisce about in years to come.  Our kiddos grow up way to fast, and I relish every opportunity I have to let them be little.  I hope this helps bring a moment of childhood magic into your home!  Feel free to request a letter for each child that you have, so they each get their own special letter from the Easter Bunny! If you have any questions or issues, please send me an email at

🐰 Get your FREE personalized letter HERE 🐰

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