What's Happening? April 15-21

By Sarah Boucher, Publisher Macaroni Kid Grand Haven, Spring Lake, and Muskegon April 15, 2020


Ya'll, two weeks ago I felt like I had it all together and this "shelter in place" was going to be easy peasey.  I also thought I had it all figured out with homeschooling and how simple it would be to get through the lessons each day and still get some work done.  Now some days I'm more in survival mode.  And guess what?  That's OK!  I've always been the mom who feels like I need to put on my superhero cape and often I leave myself little margin for grace.  I'm quickly figuring out that I'm putting too much pressure on myself, and that really, things will be OK.  If we do some academic time on the weekend and skip a Wednesday, it's OK.  If we choose to do some experiential learning and don't complete all the worksheets, it's OK.  If the clean laundry sits in baskets for days and we pick our clean clothes out of the basket instead of the drawers, that's OK too!  So, today I straightened my hair, put on some makeup, selected one of my favorite shirts to wear, put in earrings - and decided it's ok just to relax.  We will do some science experiments this week, we will do some cooking and baking together, weather permitting we will have lots of outside time.  We're in this for the long haul, and it's our unconditional love for our children and showing them things don't have to be "perfect" that is what they will remember the most about this time.  


Phew!  Doesn't it feel good to know we're all in this together?  Here are some articles to check out to find your family fun at home:

  • Celebrate the class of 2020
  • Practice social distancing and combat cabin fever with Step it Up! through Ottawa County Parks
  • Be sure to check out our free family safety binder? I can't think of a better time to create/update one. It's free - 30+ pages - easy 'fill in the blank template' - emergency information resources and more

A quick note about events:

  • A number of local businesses and libraries are taking their events virtual!  Throughout the month of April, all events on our calendar will be virtual events, fun ideas you can do at home, or outdoor activities that are approved under our current stay home, stay safe protocol (be sure to practice safe social distancing, even when engaging in outdoor activities with your family!)  I've listed many events and ideas on the event calendar and will continue to grow the list to keep you all in the know. If you are a business owner or event planner, please submit your events to have them listed at no charge.


Making healthy eating choices and finding balance is something I'm tending to struggle more with since COVID-19.  I'm finding myself being more aware of my grocery budget, cooking from my pantry, and trying to stretch fresh fruits and vegetables a little longer so I have fewer trips to the store.

Elle Merrill of Enlightened Nutrition has great recipe ideas, budget tips, and more!  She offers virtual meetings to chat with you to make sense of nutrition and help navigate the world of nutrition.  You really can have cake and still be healthy!  

Whether you are in search of recipe ideas, our latest events, 1:1 support, or a trustworthy nutrition resource, you have come to the right place!

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