How My Family is Navigating our New Normal

By Sarah Boucher, Publisher Macaroni Kid Grand Haven, Spring Lake, and Muskegon March 25, 2020

Welcome to our "New Normal".  Don't worry, it's just temporary!  And we're all in this together.  My week has been some sort of crazy beautiful chaos!  I even got a job notification for a Circus Director as apparently it's a job I might be interested in. Those online algorithms must know something, as I certainly am a ringmaster of my own circus (and yes, they are my monkeys!)  It has been a mix of survival, entertainment, boredom, relief, stress, and just about every other emotion all wrapped up into one.  I suppose that makes me human.  The kids are learning to adapt to learning outside of school.  We have played card games and cooked in the kitchen to work on math skills, done art projects, gone for walks, and even just relaxed with some movie nights.  The dogs have vacillated between loving all the extra attention and trying to find a quiet place to get in their daily naps!  

My kids always joked that they wish I homeschooled them.  Now it's really happening.  We are doing our best to work through the curriculum the teachers graciously put together in just one day notice to send home, and also using lots of practical life learning as well.  Perhaps the most important things we are learning as a family are how to find the positive in any situation we are given, how to appreciate what we have, and seeing the goodness in people as we all navigate this current situation.

Whether you choose to homeschool or unschool, stick with a schedule or fly by the seat of your pants, just know you're doing it right.  You are doing what is best for your family, and that's what matters.

You'll notice that the calendar looks a little different.  It was painful to remove the 350+ wonderful events our community has to offer, but also made me thankful that our community takes health and safety seriously and postponed events for the health and wellness of us all.  Many businesses are adapting to online platforms, and there are some great educational resources available too.  Many calendar events will have an icon in front of them to help you on your quest to find your family fun:

🍽️ Recipes or Take Out/Delivery Food Related

πŸ’»Online Activity or Resource

🏠 At Home Fun

We have also heard from some businesses/venues that plan to hold their event in the future, so if you see something marked "postponed" stay tuned, as we will update the new event date as soon as it is made available.  

Does your business or organization have online/virtual classes or events?  Submit them HERE!  We are happy to include them on our calendar!

Is your business offering takeout/delivery specials? Gift card specials? Something else? Let us know!  We're happy to help spread the word!

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