30-Day Reading Challenge!

By Sarah Boucher, Publisher Macaroni Kid Grand Haven, Spring Lake, and Muskegon March 1, 2021

Reading is a fundamental skill that is essential for many facets of life.  Reading allows us to learn, discover, and use our imagination no matter our age. 

We want to help make reading fun and an activity for kids and families to enjoy!  Check out our FREE 30-Day Reading Challenge.  How many challenges can your child complete in 30 days?

Perhaps you want to make it a family activity and work together for each member of the family to meet all 30 challenges.  Or perhaps a group of your children's friends might choose to take the challenge together and talk about their favorite books and challenges along the way! 

*A virtual visit to the library counts for the read at the library day.

Here are some questions you can ask your children as they read (or as you read together) to further connect through reading:

  • Who was your favorite character and why?
  • If you could rewrite the ending to this book, how would you write it?
  • What is the lesson the main character learned in this book?
  • Why do you think the author chose to write this book?
  • What was your favorite part of the book?
  • If you could be any character in this book, who would you choose to be?
  • Would you recommend this book to a friend?  Why or why not?

By making reading fun and exciting, we encourage children to read and show them how reading can take them to new places and reach new goals.  We also promote literacy to help them propel into the future.  Where will reading take your child?