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By By Toni Garcia, Publisher and Editor May 11, 2021

Parents look to the Macaroni Kid calendar every week to plan activities for their families.  They do not have to be subscribers to access the calendar, but they often choose to subscribe for the convenience of having the events delivered right to their inbox in the weekly e-newsletters. 

Event Listing Guidelines

DO List:

  • All free drop-in events (such as library events, etc.)
  • Lost cost events (typically $5/person or less) which can be paid at the door (such as a special museum exhibit, fair or festival, etc.)
  • One-day events which require pre-registration or tickets (such as a workshop, sporting event, puppet show, etc.)
  • Pre-registration deadlines for recurring classes (such as music or dance lessons, sports sign-up, etc.)
  • Recurring class times which allow drop-in or pay-at-the-door students (such as some art classes, playgroups, etc)
  • School Open Houses 

DO NOT List:

  • Events which require membership in an organization to attend (these exclude, rather than include, our readers)
  • Recurring class times for which pre-payment/registration is required.  By the time most of these would show up in the weekly newsletter, registration would have passed, and the class would no longer be relevant to our readers; consider submitting the pre-registration deadline, game times, and recital dates instead.
  • Sold out performance times.

How to Submit an Event

  1. First, please check the calendar to see if the event has already been listed.  If it hasn't, continue to step 2.
  2. Click the 'Submit Event' button to use the web form.  This ensures that all of the details our readers need will be available to them.  Bookmark the link! Event submission is ongoing, with no set deadline - but the sooner you submit your event, the longer it will appear on the calendar, and the more exposure your event will have.
  3. Note:  The "How" field will be either "Drop-in", "Pre-register", or "Tickets".
  4. Please note, we do not include images in individual event listings at this time.  If you wish to include images on our website, consider placing an ad or submitting a listing for our Business Directory.
  5. Please email me at for more information on upgrading your calendar listing.

Not sure if your event meets the criteria?  Submit it anyway!  I will be happy to review all submissions, and those that fit Grand Haven, Spring Lake, & Muskegon Macaroni Kid's criteria will be placed on the calendar within 2-3 business days.  (Please note, I cannot guarantee that an event placed on the calendar will also be posted in the weekly newsletter, though many [most] of them will be.)

Calendar listings must be family-friendly and appropriate. Submit an event to the calendar now!

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