Beyond Books: 5 Reasons to Visit your Library

By Sarah Boucher, Macaroni Kid Publisher Grand Haven, Spring Lake, & Muskegon, MI March 8, 2020

I remember going to the library as a child, and even as a teenager.  I remember the card catalogs, the hours of agonizing over taking notes from the encyclopedia for that school project.  But now, when I take my kids to the library, it's a whole new world! The library has become so much more than encyclopedias and card catalogs.  It has become a center for enrichment, a social meetup, a mecca of relaxation.  My kids love going to the library and the experience is fun for all of us.  We leave our visit at the library with so much more than just a stack of books.  

And speaking of books, while this is an obvious reason to go to the library, but have you seen the selection of books libraries have?  My favorite area library will allow you to check out 100 books at a time!  That's like creating an entire library at home!  And, since my kids go through books like they are going out of style (I'm a blessed mamma to have avid readers!), it saves so much money vs. buying them books!  

Here are 5 reasons beyond books to visit your local library:

  1. Events and Programs for Kids: Did you know that many libraries have programs for all ages?  From baby story time, to toddler playtime, to kids LEGO competitions, to teen escape rooms and more!  Check our our calendar for many of the events offered at area libraries!

  2. Unique Items to Borrow: Of course you can check out books, but did you know that libraries often have other items available to borrow like CDs, DVDs, video games, or even cake pans or passes to local museums and zoos?  You can also check out a Michigan Activity Pass!  

  3. Connecting with the Community: Libraries often have opportunities to get together with people in the community that have common interests. Libraries often feature local businesses, artists, and authors too!

  4. Personal and Professional Development: Perhaps you'd like to revamp a resume or learn about genealogy.  Libraries often have classes available to the public.  

  5. Meeting or Study Space: Many libraries have rooms available to reserve for meetings, crafting, studying, and more!  Often it's even free for residents of the municipality where the library is located.

Not to mention that the digital age has made the library so much different than decades ago.  You can search the online card catalog with key words vs. flipping through index cards, you can rent e-books if you don't want to bring a paper copy home, and you can go online to see the library calendar of events and special activities!  Throw in the fact that so much of what the library has to offer is FREE, what are you waiting for?  Check out your local library today!

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