Meet Your New Grand Haven-Spring Lake-Muskegon Macaroni Kid Publisher

By Sarah Boucher October 17, 2019

Hello! I am so excited to introduce myself to you. My name is Sarah Boucher, your new Macaroni Kid Grand Haven-Spring Lake-Muskegon Publisher! I’ve always been “that mom” who scours the web and newspapers to find all the cool things to do with my kids. Now I get to put all that work to good use and can bring you the 411 on all things kid and family friendly here in the Grand Haven-Spring Lake-Muskegon area! I couldn’t be more excited!

Let me tell you a little about myself. I grew up in Muskegon and lived there until I graduated from High School.  Most of my summers and many of my weekends as a child were spent in Grand Haven and Spring Lake with my cousins....riding the trolley, eating ice cream, going to the Musical Fountain and more!  After a few years living out of state, I had the opportunity to move back to West Michigan, and I'm thankful to share my home town and childhood memories and places with my children, and now with you as well!  I have been married to my wonderful husband for 18 years, and we have 4 children.  Our oldest is now grown and living on his own, and the house felt a little empty, so we have been adding high school exchange students to our family as well.  

My kids are growing up way too fast.  It's true what they say about the days being long and the years being short!  I love to cook and am enjoying teaching my kids things in the kitchen.  I don't like to bake, so it's great that my oldest daughter is in the pastry and baking arts program at school!  As a family we enjoy outdoor activities, community events, exploring new places, playing games, and having fun!  I'd love to say I'm a "Pinterest mom" but that just wouldn't be true!  However, my kids give me credit for at least attempting crafty things!  

I look forward to seeing you around town and meeting Macaroni Kid families at great events in our community.  I also look forward to hearing from you about what you love most about this community!